December 1 to February 29 No open burning (Season Closed)
March 1 to April 30 Open burning.   No burning permit required.   Air Quality compliance required.
May 1 to June 30 Burning permit required.  Air Quality compliance required.
July 1 to September 30 No burning in Flathead County and some Lake County RFD's.
October 1 to November 30 Open burning.   No burning permit required.   Air Quality compliance required.

Additional information and closures:

Flathead National Forest   758-5200
Department of Natural Resources and Conservation  751-2240
All of Region 1 (Northwest United States) National Forest  329-4853 or 329-4854

It is illegal to burn without a permit during the May 1  thru June 30.  It is illegal to burn at all July 1 thru September 30 Forest Fire Season.  Violators can be fined for the cost of extinguishing an illegal fire. 

Burning permits are not required for campfires.  Under state law, a campfire is defined as a fire set for cooking, warming or ceremonial purposes; not more than 4 feet in diameter or height and cleared of overhanging branches.  All combustible material should be cleared at least 1-1/2 times the diameter of the fire.

Never leave your campfire unattended and keep your shovel and bucket handy.  Most importantly, do not abandon your campfire until you are sure your fire is DEAD OUT.  Prevent forest fires, build safe campfires, and stay with them until they are DEAD OUT.  Only YOU can prevent wildfires.

You may also access this information on the ventilation hotline at 751-8144.   If you have questions call 751-8130, weekdays.


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The Creston Fire Department is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the loss of life and property through fire and emergency medical response, prevention, and education. We have been providing service to the Creston community since the late 1950’s. We have some of the best-equipped and trained firefighters in the state of Montana.


Creston firefighters and medical responders are your neighbors—men and women who live in the Creston community. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and occupations. They are not compensated for their time either in responding to emergency calls or during training. They are professionals who perform these services for reasons that go far beyond money. These people have chosen to serve their community as firefighters and medical responders. They are supported by their families, by the Associate Membership (CFFAM), and by other community members. All fire department members are required to obtain a minimum of 36 hours of training each year. Many members obtain far more than that—up to one hundred fifty hours of training annually.

The Creston Fire Department owns five fully-equipped engines, one 4000-gallon water tender, and one attack/brush unit. This equipment is housed in four stations: Creston, Lake Blaine, Mountain Brook, and Fairmont-Egan. The engines carry a full array of emergency medical equipment including defibrillators. The department also maintains a training facility at Lake Blaine Station.

What are the benefits to you, the Creston resident, of having such a great fire department?

• 24/7 emergency response, 365 days a year

• Ongoing prevention and education programs

• Safety programs in all the schools

• Reduced fire insurance rates for homeowners (much lower than if we didn’t exist)

You can become involved in a great organization! If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, medical provider, or member of the Associate Membership (CFFAM), call 250-7396 for more information.




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