Volunteers are needed each year for the annual Creston Auction & Country Fair and the accompanying Auto, Marine, RV & Equipment Sale.  Reference the website’s home page and Auction Section for specific dates.  The auction grounds are located 12 miles east of Kalispell on MT Hwy 35.  The three-day event is run entirely by fire department members and community volunteers and raises money for the rural, all-volunteer Creston Fire Department.
     People interested in volunteering will be invited to attend planning meetings at the Creston Fire Station, 4498 Hwy 35, Kalispell, prior to the auction to learn more about how they can participate.
     During auction weekend, help is needed on Friday of auction weekend for Consignment day 7am to 7pm to unload trucks and trailers as items are dropped off at the sale site.  Community members can help for the morning, afternoon or even just a couple of hours after work.
     There is both a Saturday auction and a Sunday auction each year.  Volunteer help is sought for every aspect of the auction.
     Community members make this fundraiser happen, and the Creston Fire Department welcomes auction attendees to volunteer for at least part of the event. With multiple food stations, an indoor rummage sale and the outdoor auction, there are areas suited for everyone to help out. For both Saturday and Sunday, the fire department particularly needs people who can hold up auction items or who like to work with food or who can help with cleanup.  On Sunday volunteers are needed in the morning to help clean up the school grounds; and beginning at 11a.m. help is needed for holding up items during the sale.
     Food and drink will be available to all volunteers throughout each day. Volunteers are reminded to dress warmly and for the weather.  Work gloves are also advisable, particularly on Friday.
     The Creston Auction & Country Fair is the Creston Fire Department’s annual fundraiser.  Money raised from each auction is used for fire fighter training, education and safety equipment, public safety efforts.  This year as well as for the past few years, auction monies are going toward construction of a new fire station in Creston.
For more information, visit auction FAQs page and find us on Facebook.
The Creston Auction & Country Fair is sponsored by the Creston Fire Fighter’s Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Please call the auction hotline at 406-250-7396 to request additional information.