Creston Rural Fire District (CRFD) was formed in 1957, covers 83 square miles, has a residential population of approximately 9,000 which continues to grow, and includes several small businesses, churches and 3 elementary schools.  The Creston Fire District ranges from the Flathead River on the West, North on Highway 206 approximately 4 miles, East to mountains/foothills and South to mile marker 35 on Highway 35.

CRFD is an all-volunteer fire department, with volunteers who respond 24/7 from their homes or businesses to 9-1-1 dispatched fire and medical calls.  CRFD has 32 volunteer firefighters (including 7 EMT’s and 5 Advanced EMT’s) all of whom are all trained at the American Heart Association’s Health Care Provider level for Adult, Infant, Child CPR, Obstructed Airway and AED.  Additionally, most of the EMT’s are crossed trained as Fire Fighters.

Firefighters and EMT’s attend weekly department training throughout the year in order to keep current with knowledge and skills and in order to ensure apparatus and all equipment is in working order.  Our department also provides all members with specialized training such as for Ice Rescue and Wildland Fire Suppression.  CRFD Firefighters and EMT’s also attend related training programs each year that are offered in our community and throughout the State.  All CRFD EMT’s are trained in County-wide medical protocols when caring for patients, must meet Montana’s training and skill requirements signed off by the County Medical Director and must re-license every two years.

CRFD has four fire stations located throughout its District.  One station is located near Fairmont, one station is located on Lake Blaine Road, one station is located on Foothills Road and one station is located on Highway 35 in Creston.  Of CRFD’s eight apparatus, one is located at Fairmont Station on Highway 35 (Type 2 Structure Engine), three are located at Lake Blaine station on Lake Blaine Road (Wildland Rescue Engine, Fire Suppression and Rescue with transport capabilities, and Pumper Tanker), two are located at Mountain Brook Station on Foothills Road (Wildland Rescue engine and Type I Engine with Compressed Air Foam) and two are located at Creston Station on Highway 35 (Pumper Tender with Compressed Air Foam and Light Rescue Engine with Compressed Air Foam.

At the Lake Blaine Station, CRFD has training buildings both for classroom and practical fire and emergency medical services skill training.

Reference “Stations” on the drop-down menu for Station and Engine pictures.  Even though CRFD is currently a non-transporting agency, we have medical apparatus for patient transport in the event of a mass casualty situation or if a transporting agency is not readily available. Either Evergreen Ambulance, Bigfork Ambulance or ALERT helicopter transports patients from Creston Fire District to Logan Health.

In 2021, CRFD responded to 443 calls that included Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) calls.  Call volumes continue to increase each year.  Approximately 25 percent of CRFD dispatches are fire related and 75 percent are EMS related.